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Гостьова книга автора Тебе письмо

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06.01.2012 - 03:16jellyfish: Darling, I sent you my poem directly. It was written 1AM at night - i.e. about 2 days and 1 hour in real time since we parted. Your letter is excellent. However I much prefer our prior ways of communication to this one. I am an optimist. Also I think we should not be using this site as you think we can. I reserve the right to send you letters directly. Of course you don't have to read them. Nor reply. I also don't understand the boundaries of your self-imposed restrictions. But I am willing to respect them. Just don't make me use socialnetworks of any kind please. I am anti-social. Just received a new alamnah - give me your postal address (SMS) so I can mail it you. Your "hellos" are passed onto my family members. We are a part of each other. you have to realize that. We can keep silence or be apart, yet still be together. There is no escape. And I don't want one actually. Is sushi forever connected with my name for your little one? We can also exchange messages on skype - being offline. this is free and doesn't require any literature censorship. that poem which I sent today cost me a lot. I am terrified to hear that you are sick. No please don't. I have my own autoimmune sickness which was resulted from high stress 14 years ago. Please remember that all illnesses come from nerves! there is a joy in our mutial existense lets have it. yours. Nomer.

Сторінки (1):  назад [ 1 ] вперед

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